An Open Letter to Alaska


Dear Reader from Alaska,

I noticed you’ve been viewing my blog. I don’t know anyone in Alaska except for my mom’s cousin Alison and since I haven’t even given my mother my blog link, I’m going to guess you’re not her.

How did you find my blog? Do you read lots of blogs? If you do please tell me your secret because I’ve been trying to become more active in the blogosphere and I’m not sure I’m any good at it. The only reason I started a blog in the first place is because when you tell people you want to be a writer they ask one of two questions:

  1. “What are you going to write?”

To this I say, “Everything.” Then I try to get them to ask me about my favorite authors but usually they just end up telling me about their favorite authors and sometimes I make notes and sometimes I don’t.

The other half of people ask:

  1. “Do you have a blog?”

My answer used to be “Yes, but I won’t show it to you because it’s not very good.” But that answer made me feel pretty crappy and I decided since I’m not writing papers for school anymore, I could write a blog for myself.

I did not go into blog-writing thinking that I would get readers from Alaska.

Are you a real person? I honestly don’t know much about how the internet works but I know that when you sign up for accounts and things you have to copy those little codes of squiggly numbers and letters to verify that you’re a real human. So there must be robots or aliens out there making profiles and viewing blogs and I’m hoping you’re not a robot but if you are, how do you decide which blogs to view? If you’re an alien, how did you learn English?

What is it like in Alaska? Is it daylight all the time this time of year? Which do you like better, mostly daylight or mostly dark? I think I’d like mostly daylight because I absolutely hated having to get up for school when it was still dark outside. But I also hated going to bed when it was light out, so I’m pretty glad I’m no longer a little kid and I don’t live in Alaska.

Still, I’d like to visit sometime. I hear it’s beautiful. Also, how does it feel to be the biggest state in the country? I bet people in Texas are jealous. I’ve never been there either, though.

Anyway, thanks for looking at my blog. Have fun in Alaska. Stay warm, even if you are a robot.

Yours Truly,


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Alaska

  1. Gen,

    Your open letter made me laugh (and no, I’m not a robot). As a native Alaskan (no, not a Native Alaskan, I’m not Native American) who has recently spent time in Outside, it’s definitely different from the rest of the world. It’s almost like a foreign country, where there’s a distinctly different culture and mindset for life.

    As to your other questions, your voice really comes across in this blog post, which is why I kept reading. I just started a blog about my life returning to Alaska (Denali in My Backyard) to complement my writing blog (The Written Word Remains), and happened to check out the “Alaska” tags just now.

    In terms of daylight: we are rapidly losing that precious commodity, and here in Fairbanks, AK, we are starting to get snow and freezing temperatures. By December 21st, we’ll be down to about four hours of sunlight for the day. That’s hard. The summers sort of make up for it with the twilight of summer nights, for here where I am it never truly gets dark in the summer.

    It is beautiful. It’s dangerous, it’s maddening, it’s exhausting, it’s isolating, and it’s gorgeous.


    P.S. Texans hate it when we remind them that they aren’t the biggest state in the country. 😉


    1. Kelsie,

      I’m so sorry for my delayed response but I was in the process of moving to Berlin and it’s been a little hectic.

      Thank you so much for your response! Alaska does sound like a magical place. I hope you’re well and warm.

      Also, props for spelling your name the right way. ‘-ie’ is definitely the superior spelling.

      I follow your blog now so I can’t wait to read more about life in Alaska.



      1. I don’t blame you for a delayed response mid-move! We just moved back home to AK two months ago; it’s just now slowing down for me! I understand completely. 🙂 Thanks for following my blog, I hope it’s fun an informative!

        P.S. I agree, -ie is the ONLY way to correctly spell “Kelsie.” 😉

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