Sunflower Hostel

Berlin, Travel

I just arrived in Berlin four days ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t had nearly enough time to explore the city because I’ve been glued to my laptop, drafting cover letters and tweaking my resume and applying for all the jobs available to an English speaker.

However, I’m not the only one that appears to be doing this. At home when I told people I was moving to Berlin, they looked at me like I was crazy. It’s true, I haven’t met anyone else from upstate New York, but people from all over the world have been weirding out their friends and parents by uprooting everything and planting themselves in the middle of this awesome city.

Finding an apartment is a bit like finding the Holy Grail.

The hostel life means permanently wrinkled clothing and being perpetually surrounded by party people. While it’s not the most productive atmosphere, it’s very friendly.

The last time I traveled through Europe, I made the dreadful error of staying in a hotel my first two nights. I’m not sure if I hit my crying jag because I was alone, or if the solitude opened the floodgates that would have remained politely stifled in another setting. Either way, I was a sniveling wreck.

Being at the Sunflower Hostel as been great. Everyone that works here seems to know everything there is to know about Berlin, and they wear the funkiest outfits. All sorts of people are staying here. It would be impossible to generalize. It’s enough to make you desperately long to be octlingual.

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