How to Enjoy the Berlin Winter


Bundle up. Every time I get ready to leave my flat, I am reminded of all the tantrums I threw and fights I had with my mother during the winter months whenever she would try to get me to put on a hat or sensible footwear. At the time, I would rather have frozen to death than removed my flip flops. And God forbid I were to cover up my bedazzled Limited Too tee with a sweater. Either I’ve matured or this city has changed me. latest fashion appears to be women taking actual blankets and wrapping them around their necks and shoulders. No body seems to care if you can’t distinguish gender through heaps of clothing. In fact, if you don’t have a Nike or Neff cap or an Inuit-esque hood to pull up, you look like an absolute newb. Berliners know how to do cold weather. (Apparently, so did my mother).

Check out the Weihnachtsmarkts. I stumbled upon these quite accidentally. I was walking through Alexanderplatz, switching from S-bahn to U, when suddenly, I was in a cartoon Christmas special. The smell of rotwurst and rostbratwurst and other wursts and hot mugs of glühwein is better than “The Night Before Christmas” and The Polar Express To really spend some time and enjoy, I highly recommend the ones in Spandau and Charlottenburg.

Weinachtsmarkt in Spandau

Weinachtsmarkt in Spandau

Christmas Carolers

Christmas Carolers

Study something. I’ve officially enrolled in German classes at the Volkshochschule Mitte. While prying myself out of bed at 7:00AM is about as fun as ice skating barefoot, spending 4 hours a day surrounded by other Deutsch-lerners is a very positive thing. Plus I’m done at 12:45 and have the whole day ahead of me. Essentially, you need to force yourself to get out of the house. It’s really not that bad.

Hausaufgaben goes a lot faster with a little heisse Schokolade...

Hausaufgaben goes a lot faster with a little heisse Schokolade…

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