Check out these samples of some of my favorite work.


Pop Culture:


These are the real reasons we love to binge-watch

Movie Pilot, 30 April 2016

Melting models and hazardous heels: Yeezy Season 4 fashion show is a f*cking fiasco

Movie Pilot, 8 September 2016

Baby Driver: Why stylized action has universal appeal

Movie Pilot, 30 October 2017


Game of Thrones:


Sexposition: Is there a reason behind all that seemingly superfluous nudity in Game of Thrones?

Movie Pilot, 1 December 2016

(Video) 10 Game of Thrones Easter Eggs From Season 7 Episode 1

Movie Pilot, 18 July 2017

Sansa’s rape and violence against women in Game of Thrones is not just “part of the story”

Movie Pilot, 30 August 2017



Tech & Gender:


What is a “cyborg”, anyway?

Exberliner, May 2015

Here, queer and techie

Exberliner, May 2015


Berlin & German Language:


13 ways to boost your confidence and start speaking German

Fluent U, February 2016

Welcome to a new life in Berlin

Transitions Abroad, October 2015

Twenty-four Deutschlerners deciphering German

Berlin Logs, February 2015




The Little Boy and the Duck

by Josefine Krebelle

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